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Lucie Ataya is a published author, blogger and creative.

Her first book, No Pain, No Game, a dystopian thriller, was released in 2020.

Lucie Ataya grew up in Tours, France where her passion for writing and her love for the English language were born.


She studied modern languages, took a random detour through Radford, Virginia in the US and moved to England to complete a Masters' Degree in Sociology at the University of Bristol. She now lives in London, England, with her Cocker Spaniel Veer and her Burmese cat Leela.


A yogi at heart, Lucie practices yoga as a qualified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. For her day job, she works as a Project Manager in an Ad tech company. She's also a blogger, and was a regular blog contributor for Kiingo: The Writing University, covering topics such as creative writing, storytelling and the world of self-publishing.

When she's not writing, working or practising her Sun Salutations, she can be spotted walking with Veer, trialing independent coffee shops, or indulging in crafty projects.

Her first novel, No Pain, No Game, is a dystopian thriller, and was published in 2020.

Shortly after, in April 2021, seeing a need for more content to help independent authors on their journey, she released Passing It Forward, a free non-fiction digital guide aimed to help indie authors navigate the process of self-publishing and book promotion.

Her second fiction novel, The Dhawan Brothers, is due to release in 2023.

A lover of books and fervent supporter of independent authors, Lucie worked for a few years as an editor and professional beta reader, helping new writers refine their stories and polish their writing.

Lucie is also the co-founder of The Indie Writers Collective, an initiative dedicated to promoting Indie Authors and their work (Instagram: @the.indie.writers.collective).

In 2020, Lucie created Shelf Life, a series of short quirky videos on the trendy and exclusive world of Bookstagram.

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"Humans make rules that make no sense. They trap themselves in idealistic systems that are doomed, bound to fail, because none of them is clear-headed enough to see the very flaws that limit human beings. We’d like to think ourselves the masters of the universe, but in reality all we manage to do is lock ourselves up in a game limited by our own understanding of the world around us, and within us. Humanity is its own worst enemy, it’s destined to pain and misery. Why should that be encouraged? To do nothing is to be compliant. To take part in the charade is to be as guilty as the people who made the stupid rules in the first place."

No Pain, No Game

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