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What would it take for you to endorse human torture?


What if it were for the greater good?


...Are you sure?


In this alternate version of modern-day Britain, sky-high crime rates and a state of economic crisis mean people live in a climate of fear – while yearning for change, hope and justice.


To tackle the nation’s prison overcrowding issue, Sean Cravanaugh, a fearsome television magnate, has devised a radical and controversial solution: a live televised show, pitching selected convicted criminals against one another in a series of dangerous and painful challenges, a fight for their lives and a rare chance at freedom. 


In the world of ‘No Pain, No Game’, Sean Cravanaugh decides who lives or dies. With his razor-sharp instincts for deciphering and manipulating people, he takes us on a journey bound to make us question our own sense of morality.


No Pain, No Game follows the intertwined paths and struggles of those who find themselves, willingly or forcefully, entangled in the show. They lead us into a world of pain and trickery, where nothing and no one truly is the way they seem. Can they cope with the nation’s anger and hatred, standing as they do in the eye of the storm?

Who will lose everything, and who will come out unscathed?

No Pain, No Game is available on Amazon in Paperback and e-Book format.

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What Readers Are Saying

Tara A. Lake, Author of Age of the Almek


This novel focuses on the lives of multiple characters as a new game emerges—a game where 100 convicted criminals are forced to compete against one another with the knowing that there will only be one winner. That winner will be the only survivor.


With an understandably, mildly slow start as the concept of the game unfolds, we see why modern day Britain accepts this barbarous game and proclaims it as justice. We are also introduced to the series of characters whose stories drastically change over the course of the novel. 

As the tension builds, the novel speeds in pace. Characters will surprise you, plot twists will shock you and if you’re like me, you’ll be in tears at the end. 

Ataya very clearly wrote this novel to showcase that things are not always what they seem, as depicted through her characters and their stories. She also explores the theme of justice and how people in power can twist and manipulate perceptions of others. It had me reflecting on my own morality and contemplating the meaning of justice. I love a book that brings about deep thoughts within its readers. 


Looking forward to reading future works from this author!


No Pain, No Game is fast-paced and shocking book about what people really are capable of doing and condoning. It raises questions about how we treat each other and how manipulable we are by those in power. The cast of characters each have their own journey through the book and I was drawn into each of their worlds, secretly enjoying spending time with the reprehensible but undoubtedly talented Sean Cravanaugh as much as with the other characters that Lucie Ataya makes you care about and root for.

The game show itself is vividly described and the twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat. Overall, a really enjoyable and entertaining read with a richly drawn dark side and some brilliantly gruesome drama. Really recommend this.

Fantastic Read


I really enjoyed reading "No Pain, No Game". The characters are very well developed and the writing is on-point.


The author has a gift of taking the reader on a journey.


I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did.

What a debut! A true page-turner


A friend recommended this book to me, and what a an entertaining thriller this turned out to be!


Exactly what I was in the mood for.It starts a bit slow, and then suddenly picks up in pace, drawing you in. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down! Practically finished it under two days. The characters are so real, and relatable. Dystopian plot, but realistic.


I can’t bet against all of this happening for real. Can’t believe Netflix haven’t picked it up already! Would love to see this play out on a screen.


Cannot recommend this highly enough. Hoping to read more from this exciting new author!

Great Read!


I truly enjoyed reading No Pain, No Game.


The plot is one of a kind, very well written and thought through. Lucie gives you an insight into the world of every character, and when I thought it couldn't get any better there was an epic plot twist.


A very good and easy read, I didn't want to put it down.


Can't wait for more from Lucie!

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