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Review: Collision, by Kristen Granata

Updated: Dec 22, 2020


Collision is well-written and easy to read, and a real book cuddle'


I first discovered Kristen Granata through What's Left of Me and fell in love with her style. Her Instagram page describes her as writing 'emotional roller coaster rides to happy endings' and there's truly no better way of putting it.

After a car accident which leaves her broken in more than one way, Merritt finds herself drowning in depression and misery. Her father has passed away, and her mother has vanished, and the only person keeping her afloat is her best friend, Shelly. So when the town's one-and-only Chase Brooks forces his way into her life, Merritt isn't sure how to interpret it. That is, until she learns there's much more to the handsome and charming young man than she suspected.

Collision is well-written and easy to read, and a real book cuddle. The characters are well-developed and the dialogues are full of the type of wit and sarcasm that had me giggling out loud. Though certain parts of the story are a little predictable, there is more to this book than just its romance centrepiece. There's raw pain and grief, and the slivers of hope that come from having your loved ones carry you through difficult times.

I find Granata's style incredible genuine. It doesn't try to be anything it's not. It's simple and effective. I expect this is why most readers would feel it strike a chord with them. Both with What's Left of Me and Collision, I read from start to finish in just a few days, because they're the kind of books you can't really put down once you pick them up.

Readers used to intricate, far-fetched romance plots may find this book too straightforward for their liking. In my mind, this is what makes the book's key strength: it's real and honest, it takes the reader through difficult situations and complex emotions beautifully, and that makes it all the more relatable.

A great read overall - and the moment I finished the last page, I was on Amazon ordering the next book in the series!

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