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My name is Lucie Ataya

I'm a first-class Project Manager

and here are 5 reasons why
you need me
on your team 

  1. I'm a master of chaos (in the best possible way)
  2. I'm dedicated, loyal, and my baseline is: 'anything is possible'
  3. Even when I'm not trying to lead, people tend to follow
  4. I have a knack for making things happen
  5. I come with a blazing trail of five star reviews

Sounds juicy, right?

Ready for details? Let's go!


I've been many things in my 12 years in the tech industry--a Project Management expert, a Product Management ninja, a dedicated Leader for a team of integration specialists.

I'm the person you call when something high-stake and high-pressure needs doing (and doing well!), when chaos needs sorting out, when you need someone trustworthy and efficient to work some magic on a situation. 

And that's because I excel at:

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Organising chaos

  • Getting things done

  • Sailing through a crisis

  • Result-oriented cat-herding

  • Storytelling through clear, aesthetically pleasing content

  • Distilling complex ideas into actionable plans

The TL;DR:
Whether you're plotting something     ,
or when      hits the fan,

you want me in your corner.

I'm a master of chaos
(in the best possible way)



I'm not one to jump ship when things get difficult or scary. Give me honesty, fairness and room to stretch my wings, and I'll be the first to roll up my sleeves. I won't rest until I've made the (seemingly) impossible happen.

What I look for in a leader:

  • A clear vision

  • Full transparency

  • A hunger to go the extra hundred miles

What you get in return:

  • I'll be your fiercest advocate, no matter the platform 

  • I'll show up ready for battle, every single day

  • I'll support your vision, until it becomes reality

I'm dedicated, loyal, and my baseline is: 'anything is possible'


The TL;DR:
If you know where you're headed, 
I'll have your back. 
If you lose sight of the big picture, 
I won't be scared to ask the hard questions.

I'm told that my presence is commanding, that others value my ability to get everyone on the same page, and that I come across as someone who's grounded and self-aware.


I'm a great listener, and although I'm often not the loudest voice in the room, but when I speak, people listen.


I'm a mediator at heart, which allows me to relate to others easily and get people to do what needs to be done. 


As a fervent student of human behaviour, I'm fascinated by human psychology, and I have an uncanny ability to read people and understand what drives and motivates them. 

I naturally know how to make people feel seen, heard and valued

Even when I'm not trying to lead, people tend to follow


The TL;DR:
My people skills are one of
my greatest gifts
, and I always
thrive to use that 
power for good.

Still not convinced?

Give me a couple more minutes of your time,
and I'll change your mind!

(Plus, there's a surprise at the end
you don't want to miss      )

Let's go!


I see myself as a serial-preneur, an eternally curious mind with a serious learning addiction.

I like nothing more than to sink my teeth into something new, to play full out, get my hands dirty, and create something out of nothing.

I do things all the way, or not at all--I have no middle gear. When I'm working on something that excites me, you'll often find me forgetting to sleep and eat.

In my professional life, it means I get consistent quality results--every single time.

In my personal life, it has fuelled many side hustles--amongst which 2 published works (fiction and non-fiction), a prolific period of as a blogger, free-lancing as a book editor, and several experiments with podcasting and social media.

I have a knack for
making things happen


The TL;DR:
Creative flow is my happy place,
and I'll gladly get stuck in at the deep end.

If you asked around how others perceive me, you would get a very consistent through line in their feedback:


People who don't know me well say that I'm friendly, approachable, and kind.

People who know me well say that I'm thoughtful, great council, and someone they go to in a crisis.

People I work with say I'm excellent at what I do, reliable, and someone they can turn to for help--no matter the situation.

People I work for say I have a proactive approach to my work, that I lead with integrity and that they trust me to deliver, whatever the mission.

...And my pets think I'm the absolute best--but, let's face it, they're biased!


I come with a blazing trail of
five star reviews

The TL;DR:
I treat everyone I interact with and everything I do with the same degree of care, honesty and integrity.

And now for the finale...

It's just 45 seconds, and kind of the cherry on the cake to this whole endeavour!

Press play below

Where to find me:

Lucie Ataya
+44 (0)7 841 096 728
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